Friday, February 13, 2009

A President for the Ages?

Re: my earlier post on the emergence of democracy in the US, we now have a President of a non-European hue. Free, free at last! Watch the media swoon at the inaugural balls. And Oprah and Jesse crying! Well, the President is sophisticated and he actually mentioned the word "Hindu" along with other religions in his inaugural speech. And he says "Eeraan" and not "I-ran" and that is a truly wondrous thing.

But the popular media is still so illiterate. Things are so black-and-white. Many have declared the country free of racism and prejudice with the election of one different looking man about 200 years after the constitution got started. Lets have some perspective here folks! What about that senator from Louisiana. What if he wasn't born-again; what if he was twice-born? Would you vote for him as the next Republican candidate for President? Wouldja?
Meanwhile we had one woman take over from another in a presidential election in godforsaken, third-world, Muslim-dominant Bangaladesh. Boy, they must be crazy!

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