Saturday, April 07, 2007

Liberated Advertising? The Exploitation of Women in the West

The irony of women's liberation in western societies is a deeply imbedded form of mental slavery that is hostage to sexist advertising, a hugely profitable cosmetic (from gels to surgery and wire-bras to stilletos) industry, and the widely held notion of progress by "comparison" with the sorry state of women in the third world.
Women are meek, servile, wretched, abused, the other/Eastern societies. In the West, they speak in a masculine tongue/harsh/gravel voice, they are "equal" to men, they work outside the home, they smoke, drink, take drugs, shave their legs and armpits in ritual fashion/fashion ritual, wear make-up their entire lives, wear restrictive underwear, and are made to sell everything from cars to razor blades through their physical nakedness. Now in the globalizing convergence of progress the mysterious separateness of men and women that constituted the most beautiful aspect of humanity is being diluted by Body Shop, an obligingly carbon-neutral guilt free removal of layers of difference and a plastering of organic make-up that will enslave all women as made-up gloss at the altar of those asexual objects, the Gods (Godesses?) of Equality.


Lady Fotherington-Smethers said...

Well, women in the West don't HAVE to wear make-up, smoke or drink and they certainly don't all choose to speak in a deep voice!! I think men and women are equal but different. It is equally good for a woman to work outside the home or be a housewife, it depends on what she wants to do.

fenix11 said...

Whew...where to begin? First of all...I love the passion in your blogs and the eloquence ....ahhh it just feels like warm water running over me - cool enough to open my eyes, hot enough to stimulate my senses - just the perfect blend to sooth my soul. Thank you for sharing!