Friday, March 24, 2006

my life as a nomad

I grew up in India in a beautiful green industrial town, very cosmopolitan, but we went to my hometown (not much more than a village) twice a year. It was like living in two worlds with points of convergence but many areas of severe discord. Both places were green , unspoilt, non-densely populated, clean. Both places are in Orissa, a truly remarkable piece of the planet with a long shore line along the Bay of Bengal. One was a place where people from all over India came to try their hand at the new Industrial age, and the other was the heart of rural India. One, a swelter of castes and languages, the other a pure Brahminical tribalism. Such a childhood expanded my mind and allowed me to look in upon myself as many fractured selves.

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Jonh Neo said...

Hey shantih, Happy merry christmas.
see you soon, shantih